About Us

Ant Farm is a creative marketing and experience agency in Los Angeles.

With captivating and emotionally resonant content creation at its center, Ant Farm is uniquely positioned to push the boundaries of technology, creativity, and innovation in order to deliver not just memorable advertisements but unforgettable experiences.

Ant Farm employs a collective of specialists including storytellers, strategists, and artists with large-scale production resources to create, market, and distribute content for its diverse client portfolio of major brands and top entertainment companies.

Inspired by originality. Driven by creativity. #madebyantfarm.

Motion Design

AF Motion is a motion design studio based within Ant Farm.

AF Motion designs and produces motion graphics ranging from animated studio logos, to main title sequences, motion picture marketing graphics, commercials, and branded content for the automotive, gaming, and film industry.

As Ant Farm’s in-house graphics team, AF Motion brings the our design and animation capabilities to the highest level.

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